Sunday, March 30, 2014

A popular girl named Aria has it all.
A boyfriend, great best friends and family.
But one night her best friend Marissa is killed by her boyfriend Daniel. 
Aria finds out about Daniel's plan and he attempts to kidnap and kill her.
People in her life break her trust. 
Her boyfriend cheats on him with her friend Stacy and the detective delivers Aria right into the jaws of death.
She finds out that her friend is alive. 
One day she loses her mother and the next day, she meets her friend in New York City. 
But she refuses to recognize Aria. 
Aria suffers heartbreak and betrayal. 
She meets a sweet guy named Nathan. 
Will Nathan be the one to protect and love Aria? 
Will Aria be able to trust Nathan? 


"Marissa!" I shouted into the setting sun behind the trees.

I heard a twig snap,"Marissa is this some kind of joke? 'cause I am not kidding right no-" my words get cut off as someone put a gloved hand over my mouth. I try to scream but no sound comes out.

 "Marissa," I croaked half awake "please come back..."
I open my eyes to see that I’m in a hospital ward. Dad, mom and Hannah were standing around my bed. I asked them where Marissa was.
"Honey well, um, she uh slipped down the cliff and we informed the police because you were missing for the past 7 days. Honey are you alright, you were gone and we..." mom burst into tears.
Dad hugged mom. 
What happened after that guy stopped me?

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